Where’s George? Game 2013


For such a l ittle stuffed catnip duck, @GeorgeTheDuck of the House of the Mostly Black Cats sure does get around. And he gets lost. A lot. What’s a cat to do with him? Well, let’s help find him!

CONCATULATIONS TO @TinyPearlCat for finding me and winning!


Click to Biggify!

Click to Biggify!

Once you’ve found all the Georges (answer key here!), leave a nice comment about below (whether you found all of him or not!) and you’re entered for a chance to win a George-alike stuffed catnip duck suitable for cat play or for doggie photo ops. Random drawing winner will be announced near pawty end.


11 responses

  1. Yes!! Found all the Georges – well, to be honest, I thought there were two more tiny ones outside the window that weren’t really there 😀

  2. I found ALL the George’s…but are we sure there’s not any George’s outside the window? Maybe Santa is using them instead of reindeer lol

  3. I found all the Georges! Plus 1 outside and 1 in the pattern of the rug! MOL! I love looking for George and apparently I see him everywhere!

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