Welcome to #CatmasEve 2014

Welcome to #CatmasEve 2014

#CatmasEve almost didn’t happen, but @Kittehboi stepped up to run the show and @Nipclub is staffing it for us all. Lucky us!

Dec 24 3pm EST to Dec 25 3am EST
(Noon PST to Midnight PST, 8pm GMT to 8am GMT)

Hashtag: #CatmasEve

Chatzy Pawty Open Chat is Here for cat blogging friends.

ALL anipals & friends are welcome, whether you celebrate Christmas or not! #CatmasEve is the traditional pawty name, but it’s an all winter holidays pawty. Share your winter holiday traditions with us. We don’t want any of our pals to have to sit at home alone tonight, so come on in to #CatmasEve on Twitter and pawty!

We have fun and games including a great menu served by Nipclub barktenders, fantastic music by Nipclub DJs, prizes,  Sekurity by Snick’s Sekurity and more. Best of all, we have super pals to hang out with on #CatmasEve!


The party is FREE

but we like to help less fortunate animals if and when we can.
We’re Supporting
Black Cat Rescuebecause black cats are half as likely to find forever homes as cats of other fur colors.

Every penny helps, so please drop any $ you can into the tip jar to help the
cats at Black Cat Rescue if you can. Thanks!
Donation Link CLICK HERE
Donation Link for SmartPhones CLICK HERE
To Donate directly on the charity’s site CLICK HERE