Thank you all!

It takes a dedicated bunch of pawty-goers and staff to make a pawty a success. Well, you guys were dedicated enough. We had a blast and it’s a success. I’d like to say thank you to folks who helped out.


Thank you to our rocking DJs @skye613 @kittehboi @dogstoyevsky @cinnimini2 @bea_bells @IamRustyCat @CathyKeisha @owenthetonk @realfakegator @Lucky_GSD


Thank you to our fab barktenders @kconlon1 @TiggyBean @TweetingTruman @thehughouse @moothemousecat @meow_girls @pumpkinpuddy @slinky_the_cat @TinyPearlCat @spike_cat @Chrissy7115


Thank you to our great Sekurity @Mikey_W_Cat
@PeaceCritterz @sisfurcats @TheHugHouse @brutusthedane @abbeyrescuedox @Ben_da_Bestie and @claptonterrier


Thank you to our great Pwizemasters @midgethemutt @TheHugHouse @indulgedfurries @MaggieTKat @tweetingtruman @cheriswan @lucky_gsd @pumpkinpuddy @kittehboi

Prize Donors

And thank you to our generous pwize donors who make so many smiles with their donations: @kittehboi @tiggybean @maggietkat @moothemousecat @tweetingtruman @realfakegator @CathyKeisha @seattlep @danapixie @indulgedfurries @dogstoyevsky @tinypearlcat @3phibotticelli @KathyAndWoosie @smokey8 @MidgetheMutt @lilacbeagle @TheHugHouse @ladygreyfox.

Black Cat Rescue Donors

Thank you SO much to all those who donated to our charity Black Cat Rescue. They are a small, all-foster charity that doesn’t have some of the advantages larger groups have. shows the names other than the ones kept private. Even in these tough times we were able to beat our goal. Thank you all so much.


So you think you didn’t do anything but hang out and have fun. Well what is a pawty without hanging out and having fun. We need you to make the rest of the pawty just sing. Thank you!


Thanks to @kittehboi for the organization, website work, and general cat about town help. I’d be lost without him.

Also Thank you to @RealFakeGator for all the fantastic graphics and avatars and some organization thrown in as if he had nothing else to do.

If anyone got left off tell me and I’ll fix it! It was totally an oversight because it’s 3am where I live.

See what we can do when we all pull together!

Merry Christmas and a Wonderful new Year!