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Thank You! 2013

Merry Christmas

From all of us at the House of the Mostly Black Cats, THANK YOU ALL for making #CatmasEve brighter for pals around the world as well as for the black kitties of Black Cat Rescue. We couldn’t do it without you.

Friends & Guests
ALL of you! What’s a pawty without friends? YOU make it a success!

@TiggyBean, @HarveyNZ, @HenryTheCat2002, @DylCat1
@Meow_Girls, @KingTuttiFriuti
@LadyGreyFox, @DaCupcakeKitty, @PumpkinPuddy

@Pandafur, @Dogstoyevsky, @Skye613, @FlaCatLady
@tildatoo, CathyKeisha, @kittehboi, @Shaynacat
@RealFakeGator, @autumnthedoxie

@Cheriswan, @Samthecatrocks, @HollieCatRocks, @ShaynaCat

Prize Donors
@pasikas, @danapixie, @thisbear, @MizzBassie, @The_LittleDude, @smokey8, @cheriswan,
@NancyCakeFace, @cokiethecat, @shesnotkidding

Host/esses on Twitter and Chatzy
@ShaynaCat, Little Isis, @CathyKeisha, @BrutusTheDane, @BaileyTheDane, @TinyPearlCat @FlaCatLady

Behind The Scenes & Graphics
@HollieCatRocks, @KingTuttifruiti @ShaynaCat @DoggyMolly
Little Isis & Morgen, @Meow_Girls, @TinyPearlCat,
@Meow_Girls, @RealFakeGator @Skye613

Black Cat Rescue
for rescuing and finding furever homes for black cats all year long and allowing us the privelege of helping out.

#Nipclub and #Nipclub Monthly
for  generously staffing the pawty to keep us in continual fun so we can also help Black Cat Rescue more.

You all just plain ROCK!

 *ducky hugs* purrs and *hugs*
George, Angel Sanjee, Angel Mini, Gree, Boni Maroni, Pepi and The Typist aka Mom Robyn

Every penny helps, so please drop any $ you can into the tip jar to help the
cats at Black Cat Rescue if you can. Thanks!
Donation Link CLICK HERE
Donation Link for SmartPhones CLICK HERE
To Donate directly on the charity’s site CLICK HERE