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Your #CatmasEve Host/esses 2013

Lost? New to the twitter or cat blogger scene? Can’t find the litterbox or the fire hydrant? And where DID the noms go????

Have no fear, we have your #CatmasEve helpers here. Just look around for the hosts and hostesses with the special avatars and they’ll help you out however they can and introduce you to the fun too!

Host/esses on Twitter: @CathyKeisha @ShaynaCat @KingTuttifruiti @HotMBC Mini @HotMBC Pepi @SanjeeTheCat @robynharton @Greethecat @BaileyTheDane @BrutusTheDane @TinyPearlCat @GeorgeTheDuck
Host/esses on Chatzy: Little Isis, Angel Sanjee, Angel Mini, Pepi of HotMBC
Host/ess Schedule is here Note that several will be dropping in at random times to help out.



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