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Thank You!

Thanks to our prizemasters for helping get goodies out to our winners! Thank you @kittehboi, @BadTruman, @sisfurcats, @midgethemutt, @MaggieTKat, @lucky_GSD, @cheriswan, and @pumpkinpuddy!!

Thank you to our Sekurity @Mikey_W_Cat, @TheHugHouse, @DCMonkey3, @PeaceCritterz, @Sisfurcats, @BaileytheDane, @brutusthedane, @Nalithedane, @Abbeyrescuedox, @terenceterrier, @claptonterrier!!

Thank you to Fab #CatmasEve DJs @skye613, @kittehboi, @dogstoyevsky, @cinnimini2, @thenascarkitty, @bea_bellsl, @iamrustycat , @CathyKeisha,@owenthetonk, @realfakegator, @tinypearlcat, @lucky_gsd!!

Thank you for barktenders extraordinaire @kconlon1, @TiggyBean, @MadLabM @TweetingTruman, @LampWireSlayer, @winstontabby, @tildatoo, @pumpkinpuddy, @Meow_Girls, @slinky_the_cat, @TinyPearlCat, @spike_cat, @Chrissy7115, @moothemousecat!!

Thank you so much to pwize donors @CathyKeisha, @CokieTheCat, @danapixie, @Dogstoyevsky, @Gabby_da_Tabby
@HenrytheCat2002, @I_Am_Luka, @indulgedfurries, @kittehboi, @LadyGreyFox. @moothemousecat, @RealFakeGator, @SeattleP, @Smokey8, @TiggyBean, @TinyPearlCat!!

Thank you to management types. Can’t do without you guys! @Lucky_GSD, @TinyPearlCat @TerenceTerrier @Realfakegator!!

BIG thanks to co-host @kittehboi without whom this pawty would never have gotten started this year. Thanks Breeze. You ROCK!

Thank you to every single one of you who came and pawtied with us. It wouldn’t be a pawty without you!!!

And thank you to all who donated to help the kitties of Black Cat Rescue. You make the pawty rock for the black kitties. You are so generous. Thank you again.

Have a Merry Christmas, Chanukah, Festivus, Kwanzaa or whatever holiday you celebrate. Until we see you here next year, take care of yourself and your fursibs and your humans. Know we love ya.

ducky hugs

PS. The Where’s George key is here.