How to Pawty

How to Pawty Tips

From @BooTheDeafKitty


There are so many anipal pawties happening in the next few days but not everyone knows how to join. search (#catmaseve #nipclub) or whatever pawty you are interested in and you will see all posts, to respond to the pawty use the #CatmasEve or other #_______ in your post so others searching see it.

It’s hard to remember to hashtag #CatmasEve when answering a post with it. I forget all the time and end up only whispering to one person instead of talking to everyone. Don’t be shy talk to everyone at #CatmasEve or any pawty.

Note from George: the hashtag is not case sensitive. #CatmasEve,  #catmaseve, #Catmaseve, etc. will get you to the same pawty as long as you have the hash (#) and the letters in the right places.

The pawty is FREE but we like to help less fortunate animals if and when we can.

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