CatmasEve Word Search 2013

Ready to try your hand at a little word search just for fun? Ok, for a chance at a prize then? Have fun with the word search — print it out, trace it on the screen with a paw, whatever works for you. Then come back, check out the key, and leave a nice comment about it to enter to win.

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CONCATULATIONS  to @DoggyMolly for Winning!

Each commenter will be entered in a random draw for a custom pair of earrings or small pendant in the color of the winner’s choice made just for them by the Typist / Mom Robyn. Winner will be announced Christmas Day.

4 responses

  1. First word I found was cat, seeing that not on the list, first real word I found was barktenders!

  2. The first word I found was barktenders and den tree climbing soooo *rushes to bar den climbs tree before she remembers she not a kitty* oooops!

  3. The first word I found was Barktenders. My husband and I raced to see who could get all of them, first. He won.

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