#CatmasEve 2020 is Coming!

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3:00 pm EST 12/24 to 3:00 am EST 12/25.

Use the timeanddate.com Event Time Announcer to Convert to your time or ask @GeorgetheDuck.

ALL pals and friendly others are welcome. We’ve had atheist pals, Jewish pals, agnostic pals, and Christian pals come play with us, and other religions are welcome too. We just don’t want anypal to have to sit home alone on #CatmasEve.

If you want to get involved as a volunteer, speak with @GeorgetheDuck on Twitter about DJing, Barktending, Quizzing, Graphics, Sekurity. He’ll direct you to the pal that is managing that department.

And as always, the #CatmasEve charity is Black Cat Rescue. Please drop them a small donation. Every single dollar helps.

See you back here on #CatmasEve!

Charity Tip Jar

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Black Cat Rescue
Every penny helps! Thanks!

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