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Thank You My Pals

Thank you all so much for another successful #CatmasEve pawty for me and my kittehs. We couldn’t do it without you.

Thank you to the fantastic Sekurity Team: @MouseFaceMeow, @Mikey_W_Cat, @pushupsnpaws, @BaileytheDane, @NutmegTorby, @CheshireK, Captain and Organizer @BrutustheDane, @AbbeyRescueDox, @TerenceTerrier. You guys kept the notty ladies and other criminal elements at bay and kept us on the (mostly, sorta) straight and narrow.

Mr @furrrrguson the Catmas Tree

Pawtier Mr @furrrrguson.

Thank you so much to wonderful DJs: @Dogstoyevsky, @DoggyMolly. @CinniMini2. @ShaynaCat, @Bea_Bells, @Lucky_GSD. @kittehboi. @CathyKeisha, @AutumnTheDoxie, @PuppyNumber7, and organizer @Skye613. You kept us rocking and caroling  to our hearts’ content.

Thank you to my fabulous Barktenders: @Lucky_GSD, @PepiSmartDog, @DoggyMolly, @MeIsRoxyThePug @HenryTheCat2002, @Kconlon1, @Meow_Girls. @Moothemousecat, @Tildatoo, @TinyPearlCat, @HarveyButtonNZ . You kept our souls fed with friendship and tasty virtual noms.

Thank you to generous prize donors @Smokey8, @DanaPixie, @SeattleP, @rockstarwalrus @TheLittle_Dude, @MaggieTKat. You brought extra magic the  the party.

Thank you the amazing @RealFakeGator for doing so much graphics work from games to dozens of avatars, often with almost no notice. Without you this would have been a lot less colorful pawty.

@GeorgeTheDuck Catmas Tree

Typist made me an angel atop the tree.

Thank you to pawsome Nip-Chef @WinstonTabby. We had more holiday food joy than we knew what to do with.

Thank you to @TinyPearlCat for taking the menu items higgledy piggledy and turning it into a menu we were proud of.

Thank you SO MUCH to the wonderful donors to Black Cat Rescue. You have made a black cat’s season brighter.

A special thank you goes out to @ShaynaCat. She helped me get everything organized from one end to the other. She organized the prizes and put in 5 straight hours of quizzing to make sure neither the prize donors nor the guests were disappointed. She set up the YouCaring for #Nipclub and #CatmasEve to work together for Black Cat Rescue. And to boot she DJ’d for us.Thanks for everything Shayna!


Gator’s magical Where’s George game.

Thank you to #Nipclub for having us here, allowing us to use only #CatmasEve hashtag for convenience sake, and staffing the pawty for the 5th year in a row.

And thank you Black Cat Rescue for rescuing and caring for these black cats who — just because of the color of their fur — are half as likely to find forever homes. We salute you.

And if you hadn’t heard, this 10th year of #CatmasEve is the last that will be organized by me and my cats. It has been a wonderful ten years, but it is time for us to step aside, take a break, be able to pawty rather than organize.

NipClub for the Holidays

NipClub for the Holidays

We’ve passed the baton for #CatmasEve to #Nipclub. Shayna assures me that they will carry on the #CatmasEve pawty traditions and continue to help Black Cat Rescue. I have faith they will.

Thank you all again. I can’t say it enough. Thank you for all the magic.

It’s time for this duck to sign off on 10 years of #CatmasEve. Thank you ALL for your support and love! *group ducky hugs*

~~ @GeorgeTheDuck and the Hotties