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House of the Mostly Black Cats 5Once upon a time in 2005, there were some blogging cats. The House of the Mostly Black Cats, The Hotties, to be exact. They met friends from all around the world through cat blogging. As Catmas Eve — Crispmouse, Chrissymouse — drew near in 2005, they noticed a number of their friends were blue. Their friends were far from family, didn’t celebrate Catmas like their other friends, or were just stuck home alone. #CatmasEve is the traditional name for the pawty, but it is an all winter holiday pawty, and we hope all pals of all traditions or religions will join us.

Penguin FunWell, that was too sad to the Hotties. So they decided to have a party for their friends around the world who would otherwise sit home alone. The first party was small, on a free browser chat, for just a couple of hours. But friends came and everyone had a great time. Over the years, it grew into the 12 hours online Christmas Eve party it is today with over 30 helpers and donors making #CatmasEve go fun and go big.

Our friend @ShaynaCat, #Nipclub Manager, wrote a great article on why we support Black Cat Rescue. Unfortunately her site is offline.

In 2015, our 10th year, The Hotties and @GeorgeTheDuck weren’t up to running the pawty. Friend @Kittehboi stepped up to run it and @ShaynaCat said @Nipclub would still staff it. Thank you so much! The Chatzy chat room was also open to cat blogger friends to pawty, just check in at the Cat Blogosphere for the link and password. We had a great time!

2016 was our 11th year for #CatmasEve. We were so excited! We had a great time with all our friends.

2017 wasour 12th year and we had a great time again.

2018 is our 13th year, and we had a blast while helping less fortunate black kitties.

2019 is our 14th year, and we’re gonna have a blast while helping black cats!

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