Thank You

From the bottom of my little ducky heart, I thank all of you who participated in 2017’s 12th Annual #CatmasEve. Every year I come into the Catmas season with a little trepidation about the pawty, and every year you guys rock my socks off.  Thank you. And thank you on behalf of Black Cat Rescue

This pawty is so complex, yet pals make it work seamlessly every year. Shout outs and thanks go to so many people.


@moothemousecat who volunteered but got cut out through a spreadsheet snafu

Thinking of @lampwireslayer and her mom who has been in the hospital. Buffy did volunteer, but her mom’s not up to much tweeting yet.



“Quizzers” aka Prize-masters





@sisfurcats Angel Bugs

Prize donors


The  behind the scenes madness people

@RealFakeGator for gorgeous graphics.
@kittehboi for organizing DJs and a lot of behind the scenes work
@MaggieTKat for organizing Quizzers and Prizes
@TerenceTerrier for organizing Sekurity
Nipchef @WinstonTabby for a fabulous menu

All the pals who were able to donate to Black Cat Rescue

Anyone I may have left out. I assure you, it was a mistake on my part.

And last but hardly least, all the pals who come together to make sure no pal has to sit alone on  Catmas Eve.

Thank you. I can’t wait for next year.

I love you guys! Merry Catmas!