DJs and Music 2017

Music and #CatmasEve DJs

Angel Pepi sings us Catmas carols again this year. Thankfully, the DJs can drown out his caterwauling!

As in years past, our #CatmasEve DJs will rock us all through the pawty. (All times are in EST.)

3:00 PM @skye613
4:00 PM @Dogstoyevsky
5:00 PM @pandafur
6:00 PM @CinniMini2
7:00 PM @kittehboi
8:00 PM @bea_bells
9:00 PM @IAmRustyCat
10:00 PM @CathyKeisha
11:00 PM @OwenTheTonk
12:00 AM @RealFakeGator
1:00 AM @TinyPearlCat
2:00 AM @Scoobydadog

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